Ordering Information

To order Oregon ConSim Games Products by postal mail, please print and fill out the form below:

  1. Circle or highlight the product(s) desired.
  2. Indicate the quantity (QTY) needed.
  3. Calculate the product subtotals and final total.

Mail the completed form and payment to the Oregon ConSim Games address below. Payment may be made by check or money order in US Dollars.

Thank you for your interest.

Mail to:

755 E 22nd Ave
Eugene, OR 97405

Oregon ConSim Games Order Form

755 E 22nd Ave., Eugene OR 97405

NAME ____________________________________________
ADDRESS __________________________________________
CITY, STATE __________________________ ZIP _________
COUNTRY _________________________________________
PHONE or E-MAIL ___________________________________

Please complete the form below, indicating desired quantity (QTY), product totals, and final total.

Product Description Price QTY Total $USD
1914: Dispatches, Oregon ConSim Journal No. 1, Introductory Offer
U.S. Delivery (includes $5 shipping) $34.95    
Canada Delivery (includes $20 shipping) $49.95    
International Delivery (includes $24 shipping) $53.95    

Please mail the form and payment to Oregon ConSim Games LLC. Thank you for your business.