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1914: Dispatches, the Oregon ConSim Journal USD $34.95 $29.50 Sale! plus shipping

The Oregon ConSim Journal is the support magazine for the historical simulations designed and produced by Oregon ConSim Games. Its purpose is to expand the depth and playability of their games by providing accurate historical articles, engaging new scenarios, game analysis, players notes, and play aids.

1914: Dispatches, Oregon ConSim Journal No. 1

The debut issue of the Journal focuses on the Eastern Front during 1914 by expanding on the WWI simulation game 1914: Twilight in the East (GMT, October 2007).

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If you'd prefer to avoid shipping costs and are willing to meet up with us at a convention or a playtest session we're attending, you may order the Journal for hand delivery. Oregon ConSim Games reserves the right to refund these purchases at any time.

1914, Offensive à outrance Premium Map USD $49.50 plus shipping

The Oào Premium Map is a replacement for the standard 1914, Offensive à outrance sheets. It is enlarged to 115% scale for playability and printed on two sheets of 48″×28½″, for a final dimension of 48″×56″. It incorporates minor errata and has color corrections to match the designer’s intent. The sheets are shipped rolled (not folded) in a map tube suitable for long-term storage.

1914, Offensive à outrance Premium Map

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