Premium 115% Scale Map
for 1914 Offensive à Outrance

Oregon ConSim Games has received permission to issue a premium upgrade map for 1914 Offensive à outrance (GMT, 2013).

This map is printed on heavy paper with the dimensions enlarged to 115% scale. The result is that the surface area is increased by 32%, providing better playability. It comes in two sheets of 48″×28½″, for an overall size of 48″×56″. (This was the size of the map as playtested at ConsimWorld Expo, and fit perfectly on two folding tables.)

In addition to being enlarged, the designer Michael Resch has worked with the printers personally to ensure the final colors match his design intent. Minor map errata are also incorporated.

It is shipped rolled (not folded) in a map tube suitable for long-term storage.

Map Design: Michael Resch and ScottyDog Designs LLC
Research and Design Assistance: Rian van Meeteren


  • Two 48″×28½″ full-color map sheets
  • 48″×56″ assembled size (as playtested at ConsimWorld Expo)
  • 31″×3″ map tube for shipment and storage

Oao Map
(Click to Enlarge)

USD $49.50, plus shipping

Please contact us via email for details