1914 Offensive à outrance, The Initial Campaigns on the Western Front in WWI

realistically covers the battles fought in Belgium, France, and Germany during the first months of World War One.

1914 Offensive à outrance (translation: Offensive to excess) is a comprehensively researched model that explores this fascinating set of campaigns with an accurate order of battle and detailed game map. The map encompasses the entire theater of war from the English Channel to the Swiss Border. The game system used is a streamlined derivative of the 1914 Twilight in the East system, modified to speed play, with care not to lose focus on those aspects of warfare that made the opening stages of WWI so unique. This game system, in conjunction with the accurate map, allows the German advance to be conducted along historical routes with the eminent “Open Flank” present (instead of units strung out from map edge to map edge). The Allied player has an opportunity to recreate a “Miracle of the Marne” type victory or to stop the Germans earlier. Likewise, the German player has a chance to change history and defeat the Allies’ armies in 1914.

The Grand Campaign scenario covers the period from the fall of Liege on August 16th to exhaustion at Ypres in mid-November. Two shorter scenarios, The Battle for Lorraine (a learning scenario) and The Race to the Sea are also provided.

1914 Offensive à outrance is a playable “Monster Game” designed with the expressed goal that the majority of the game can be completed by four dedicated players in one five-day long Expo. The 32-page rules booklet is concise, well written and organized. The game is exciting and gives wonderful insights into one of the most important campaigns of the twentieth century. The result is that 1914 Offensive à outrance is a game that the “WW1 enthusiast” must have and that a gaming connoisseur will enjoy.

Designer: Michael Resch
Research and Design Assistance: Rian van Meeteren and Gregg Kilbourne
Developer: Dick Vohlers
Map Design: Michael Resch and ScottyDog Designs LLC

Game Scale

The combat units are primarily Divisions and Brigades. The map’s scale is 1:500,000. Each hex is approximately 8 kilometers across, with the corresponding area being roughly 6475 hectares (or 16000 acres). Each game turn represents from two to four days of time depending on the season.

Game Components

  • 1960 multi-colored ½″ die-cut counters
  • 70 multi-colored ½″×1″ counters
  • Three 22″×34″ mapsheets
  • Rules Booklet
  • Scenario Booklet
  • Four Player Aid cards
  • One 8½″×11″ GT Record Track
  • 24 small army organizational displays
  • Four 6-sided dice

Rules Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of the 1914 rules-set has been finalized. As with all rules-sets that cover numerous games, the 1914 rules have been evolving. Version 1.0 began with the publication of 1914 Offensive à outrance in 2013. The publication of Version 2.0 corresponds with the publication of 1914 Serbien muss sterbien in 2015. Version 3.0 (2018) incorporates all the errata and post-publication playtest data available from both games.

Owners of the original 1914 Oào player aid card are advised to mount the version 3.0 charts and tables on the original card. This can be made easy by printing the downloadable PDFs onto permanent adhesive paper. (Such paper is available from Avery or Maco)

The Battle of Lorraine Scenario Map

Download and print this map to play scenario 29.1 The Battle of Lorraine:

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GMT's C3i magazine nr28 (2015) includes an article and associated scenario entitled Liège Expansion for 1914 Offensive à outrance.