Special Rules for Cossacks triple-blind play.(ConsimWorld 2004)


The Scenario to be played is Scenario 5: The Tannenberg Campaign. The Russian forces will be represented by two players. The first player will control the FIRST Army, the second player will control the SECOND and TENTH Army. Control of formations on the Strategic chart is based on the on-map location of each specific formation. The Russian FIRST Army player will designate the line demarcating each player’s area of control. The Russian FIRST Army player will execute all the responsibilities of the NW Front commander Zhilinsky. These include determining the number and length of a turn’s impulses if the Russian gains the initiative (see Standard Rule 5.21). Also all MOs and the decision (if and when) to abandon the Strategic Plan originate with the FIRST Army player (of course these are restricted – see the Exclusive Rules). Russian RR points, RR engineer points and replacements will generally be shared equally between each army (the Umpire should act to allocate them rationally based on each army’s needs).


Changes to the Standard Rules


8.81 Air Unit Operations Segment

A. Air Reconnaissance Operation procedure: Each player may choose one hex (rather than four contiguous hexes) within range of the air unit. All units within the hex and the six surrounding hexes are reconnoitered.


What Air Units actually see through Reconnaissance will not include unit designations, only unit types and sizes. (e.g. an air unit might find “one infantry division-sized force including infantry, artillery and cavalry” or “one brigade-sized force including only infantry”) Note that a Russian air unit won't know if he is looking at Germans or Russians.


Changes to the Cossacks Exclusive Rules


11.73 Russian Wireless Communication

(1) the German Eighth Army HQ unit need no longer be revealed. (2) A Russian stack moving within 12 hexes of the German Eighth Army HQ unit has a 50% of being revealed. The umpire will roll one die secretly (the Russian player will not know which units are revealed). (3) The German player will be given the Formation Identifiers of all the formations present in the revealed stack (and to which Army they are attached), not size or unit type.


New Rules for Cossacks Triple-Blind


Designer’s Note: During the campaign there was no correspondence directly between Rennenkampf and Samsonov. The Correspondence between Zhilinsky and his Army Commanders occurred relatively regularly but was of little value. Historically Rennenkampf and Samsonov learned only generalizations. Samsonov learned that “The Germans were retreating after being defeated at Gumbinnen”. Rennenkampf learned of Samsonov’s defeat and reacted to save his army (although this reaction was slowed by Zhilinsky’s misinterpretation of the disaster).


The Russian players are not allowed to correspond in any way during the game. The Umpire will pass along general information such as “a large battle took place in the vicinity of Gumbinnen, the enemy has quit the field” or “the city of Allenstein has been occupied”.