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The Cossacks Are Coming! 2nd Edition is an extensively researched historical model of the Russian invasion of Germany in August and September of 1914. The design is a revision of the original "The Cossacks are Coming!" (People’s War Games 1982). Based on the 3rd edition Death of Empires rules system the five scenarios include an introductory scenario, three individual battle scenarios (Gumbinnen, Tannenberg and First Masurian) and a campaign game scenario. Read a review of The Cossacks are Coming! in Omega Games’ magazine Paper Wars nr. 61.

Game Scale
Units: Primarily brigade/divisional 1000 to 1500 men per strength point for infantry, 450 to 900 men per strength point of cavalry, 2 to 3 batteries per strength point of artillery. Time: Weekly turns composed of two to three impulses. Map: 5 miles per hex.

Game Contents
• 840 two sided die cut counters
• One 22" x 34" Map
• Standard and Exclusive Rule Booklets
• 4 Player Aid Charts
• 6 Strategic and Army Charts
• 8 Campaign Scenario Set-up Charts
• Two 6-sided dice

Situation east of Konigsberg August
29th-30th during playtesting.


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Game Map
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Map Sample
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Death of Empires 3rd edition
Standard Rules Booklet


CaC Exclusive Rules Booklet


Latest Errata


Mark Fisher’s

Organizational Spread Sheets
Mission Order Rules

Alternative VP Schedule

Dick Vohler’s

Cheat Sheet


Nolan Hudgens’

Loss Results Play Aid

Play The Cossacks Are Coming! Double or Triple Blind

In the summer of 1914 both the Russian and German commanders in Prussia suffered from an incredible lack of knowledge of the enemy’s whereabouts; the Germans being troubled far less by this then the Russians, who were literally blind. The lack of knowledge of the enemy’s positions allowed events to unfold as they did. Players will find that with historical hindsight and almost perfect information of the enemy’s positions recreating the events that took place to be very difficult. What rational Russian player (not that gamers are rational) would place himself in a position to be destroyed in so complete a manner that only suicide can allow him to keep his honour?

To allow gamers to model the Tannenberg Campaign to its fullest, Oregon ConSim Games offers the Double (or Triple) blind package. The components of the package allow three maps to be set-up simultaneously. While playing “blind” only the umpire will have full knowledge of each player’s unit’s positions. Players will conduct operations with strictly limited knowledge creating uncertainty and real “hidden movement.”

At ConsimWorld 2004 Michael Resch acted as umpire for a triple blind game played by Mark Fisher (Russian First Army) and John Docwra (Second Army) vs. Ed Rains (German Eighth Army). The game ended in a Russian victory although the Second Army had been virtually destroyed. The most humorous event, from the umpire’s point of view, was the Second Army commander’s desperate attempts to find the Russian First Army, through aerial reconnaissance. “Never mind where the Germans are, I know they’re all around me. Where is Rennenkampf and his army!”

Needed Components

To play Double Blind one needs: 2 map sheets and 2 counter sets

Rules and After Action Reports